“In  High School, I encountered people who made me feel as though I were less than the scum of the earth, and those encounters left me sad, embarrassed of my weight and definitely not beautiful. I asked God at that tender age of 15 or 16 to help me conquer my issues so that no other little girl or boy would ever feel like I felt in that moment. God has chosen to bring the healing I asked for by calling me to pour out my story for others. It’s been in serving those that are broken that I have had to practice what I preach, and in doing so, God has taken that hurting, broken young woman and molded her into a woman with the confidence to tell other broken, hurting people that their beauty isn’t found in perfection or what other people say, but it’s found in the unlikeliest of places – our flaws, failures, and fears. I hope that while you read this book you look at the story of your life and instead of being ashamed of it or comparing it to the next person, that you see the beauty in the unique person God has called you to be.  Not Flawed.  Beautiflawed.”